13 Recommended MacBook Accessories That You Must Have in 2022

To beautify the appearance of the MacBook and support the performance of this laptop so that it is maximized. There are several MacBook accessories that you should use
13 Recommended MacBook Accessories That You Must Have in 2022

MacBook is a popular laptop that is generally used by professionals to perform work-related tasks. The appearance and specifications of the MacBook are indeed attractive, so it’s not surprising that many people flock to buy this type of laptop even though the price is quite expensive. Like the MacBook Pro 16 laptop which has a price of $ 6099.

MacBook Accessories Recommendations in 2022

To beautify the appearance of the MacBook and support the performance of this laptop so that it is maximized. There are several MacBook accessories that you should use.

Then, what are the recommended MacBook accessories for 2022 that you can buy? Here are some of them:

1. MacBook Case

MacBook Case

The name is also an expensive laptop, even a little scratch can look unsightly and lower the selling price.

Therefore, to protect the parts of the Macbook that are prone to scratches, especially at the corners and the base, you should use a MacBook case as a body protector.

There are several choices of MacBook Case materials that you can use, including cases made of genuine leather, synthetic leather, plastic and polycarbonate.

2. Mouse


To support convenience when moving the cursor on the screen, you need an external mouse on a MacBook laptop.

Currently, there are many choices of mice in offline or online stores. This tool is priced at tens of thousands to millions of rupiah.

Meanwhile, if you want a mouse that looks more professional and is also not easily damaged, use a wireless mouse.

With a wireless mouse, you can connect a mouse device with a laptop device with just a wireless connection without the need for cables.

3. External SSD

External SSD

An SSD or external hard drive is needed when you work with large files so that files in the form of images, photos or videos are not accommodated on the internal storage.

Using an external SSD will make you more comfortable because you don’t have to pile up all the files you have on your laptop.

4. Homepods


Homepod is a smart speaker developed by Apple. With Homepod you can listen to sound clearer and clearer.

At first, Apple issued two types of homepods, namely regular homepods and mini homepods. However, because the regular type of homepods are less attractive to the market, production will be discontinued in 2021.

Currently, Apple is focusing on developing a mini-type Homepod that provides solid sound and is strong enough. The price tag for the Homepad mini itself is $99.

5. Dual Port Power Adapter

Dual Port Power Adapter

Every time you buy a new laptop, of course you will get a laptop plus some other common accessories such as a power adapter.

So that the adapter can be used more optimally, there’s nothing wrong with buying an adapter that supports the use of more than one port.

In this way, you will be able to charge several different devices at the same time.

6. Earphones and Airpods

Earphones and Airpods

Another recommendation for MacBook 2022 accessories is earphones which can be used to listen to certain tones on your laptop.

Well, the MacBook itself supports the use of earphones with a 3.5 mm jack port that can be connected directly to the end of the earphone cable.

You can buy wired or wireless earphones. Currently there are lots of wireless or cable earphone products that you can use.

7. Studio Displays

Studio Displays

Studio display is a tool in the form of an LCD TV that can help you with work problems related to the studio. For example like video editing and the like.

By using a studio display, the laptop screen display can be wider and clearer. This can directly make it easier for you to take care of work than using a small laptop screen.

8. Trackpads


Trackpad is a tool used to move the cursor on the laptop screen. Every laptop must have a trackpad or touchpad on its device.

So, if you feel that the default trackpad from your MacBook is too slippery or difficult to use, you can buy a wireless trackpad, which is currently widely available in the market.

9. Display Adapter Cable

Display Adapter Cable

For those of you who like to make presentations in front of the class or make presentations in front of clients and company officials, you need to buy a Macbook display adapter cable.

This is because this type of laptop does not have HDMI or a mini display port which functions as a connection for the laptop to the projector.

By using an accessory in the form of a display adapter cable, we hope that you will not have any problems when presenting using a MacBook laptop.

10. External Keyboard

External Keyboard

Using the default keyboard from a Macbook is sometimes quite difficult because the arrangement of letters on the keyboard is too tight.

If you experience problems like that, there’s nothing wrong with buying an external keyboard that can be used via wired or wireless intermediaries.

Using an external keyboard can make your work easier. Moreover, if for example you also use a studio display device when doing a job.

11. Stand Holders

Stand Holders

If you feel that the position of the laptop is too low and difficult to control, you may need a stand holder that will function as a support for the laptop.

The stand holder will later make the laptop look more sturdy. The laptop screen can also be moved according to the comfort of the user.

This tool can be used so that your position with the laptop is in a parallel position so that it makes your body position more comfortable.

12. Laptop Cleaner

Laptop Cleaner

For those of you who like laptop cleanliness, you can use a laptop cleaning tool made by OXO Good Grips.

This laptop cleaning tool has a small shape and can be used to clean all parts of the laptop from the screen to the keyboard.

There are two cleaning features in this type of laptop cleaning tool, namely the brush section and the micro fiber pad section.

The function of the brush section is to clean dirt on the keyboard, touchpad and other laptop sidelines. Meanwhile, the other part functions to clean dirt on the sensitive laptop glass screen.

13. USB C Port

USB C Port

In order to support smooth activities when using a MacBook, you may also need to buy various equipment related to cabling.

These devices include USB C adapters, USB C charge cables, USB C Multiple adapters and other types of USB C.


Those were some recommendations for MacBook accessories that you can use to support the performance of the MacBook you are using.

As a tip, always use original MacBook laptop accessories and buy them at official stores or stores that have high credibility.

By buying at an official store, the items you get are genuine items, not counterfeits which can harm the laptop later due to the compatibility and specifications of these accessories.